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Women on Mission November 2018

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As we approach the end of this calendar year, I wanted to remind our members, as well as, inform the newer ones about our World Mission Club.  This is an opportunity to give to missions on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.  This is collected throughout the year and distributed at the end of the year, as follows:

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering 51.6%
Annie Armstrong Easter Offering 19.6%
Life Change Central (Oakhill Ministries) 10.0%
State Missions Offering 10.0%
State Camp Offering 8.8%
Our Goal for 2018 is $33,000
If you are not currently giving in this systematic way, please consider doing so in 2019.  Boxed envelopes are provided by the church.  You can designate World Missions Offering on your envelope (this is over and above our titles).  In addition, a special offering is taken for Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and Annie Armstrong Easter Offering which is added to the club receipts at the end of the year.  World Hunger Offering is a separate offering taken in the summer.

The Evansville Rescue Mission has asked us to collect cake mix for their Gobbler Gathering Thanksgiving Baskets.  Our goal is 600 cake mixes!  As of 10/21 we have received approximately 130 boxes.  Deadline is Sunday, November 11th.

Women on Mission will meet on Monday, November 12th at 6:00 pm at the church.  All our ladies are invited to join us.


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Pastor's Points October 2018

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Below you will find reproduced a copy of the letter that I sent out to our regular attenders and members.   I have found throughout the years of ministry that you can never communicate enough.  So once again here is the letter that contains all the important dates about this possible exciting   opportunity for our church family.  Every person that I have spoken to since this information was shared has been genuinely excited about this possibility.  Plan on coming to one of the informational meetings listed below!

Dear Church Family,
On Sunday, October 7th we will be celebrating our church’s 55th anniversary of ministry here on Oak Hill Road! God has been so faithful to us throughout these years, and He continues to give us His favor and guidance as we minister in His name. We will acknowledge and celebrate the past ministry of Oakhill in a special video presentation as we hear from three of our former pastors.  I am excited for you to see this video and to hear from three of God’s faithful servants who have led Oakhill in the past.  Also, on this Sunday I will be sharing from God’s Word as to the purpose and focus of our church as we continue to reach out and minister here on Oak Hill Road in to the future.

I have always led our church to be ready to “move as God moves among us”.  What this simply means is that we need to be aware of our ministry and God’s movement in our midst, so we can walk in obedience to do what He would have us to do.  As your pastor I see this as one of the greatest responsibilities that I have as the lead pastor of Oakhill.  Often this happens as I pray and share with the other pastors and leaders of our church, but there are times when God moves and brings situations across our path that I was not looking for.  This is exactly what God has done recently.  I believe what I am getting ready to share with you may very well have come from the Lord for us to consider.

On August 20th at a leadership team meeting of our association of churches, a motion came to the floor from an ad hoc committee that was put together after the previous annual meeting to study the usage of the land that the association owns on Oak Hill Road.  This is the location of the ball fields that we use to play our softball leagues and where we have our churches large outdoor events such as our night of worship, fireworks celebration, and Easter egg hunt.  Because of the lack of use of this land by most of the churches in our association, the committee recommended that the association sell off 14 acres of property (effectively both ball fields and surrounding property).  This property is to be offered for purchase first to the churches in our association, and if there is no interest they are going to auction it off to whomever may be interested.  This is all pending a vote to be taken at our   annual associational meeting on October 27th.  If this motion is approved, then the land will be for sale.

I am convinced that this piece of property is vital to the ongoing ministry of our church.  This land is our “green space” that   allows us to do church fellowships and community outreaches that otherwise would be almost impossible for us to continue.  Securing this property will also help to ensure that we continue to have a ministry presence on Oak Hill Road into the future as well.  So after initially meeting with our elders and consulting a commercial real estate professional to get some key questions answered, we met with our finance team, and deacon team. At the end of all these meetings we all agree unanimously that we need to ask our church family to be prepared to make an offer on this property if it is approved by the association to sell it.  But for us to purchase a piece of property we need to of course have church approval and so that is what we are asking for.  We will have two informational meetings; one on Wednesday October 10th at 6:00pm, and the other on Thursday October 18th at 6:00pm. We will share all the  specifics of this possible purchase as we talk about the land itself, as well as the financial information that we need to consider.  Please make one of these meetings if possible.  You do not need to attend both meetings.  We are just offering two times to share this information to reach as many of our church family that we can.  I will be announcing a special called business meeting that will be held on Thursday October 25th  at 6:00pm to consider as a church family this exciting opportunity.  Please know that the vote taken at the business meeting will be for those that are active members of Oakhill Baptist Church.

As most of you know we are debt free as a church! The leadership of our church feels we are in a very good position to purchase this property, to secure the ministry that we are already offering as well as secure ministry options and possibilities into the future.  We want to share the details as well as the encouraging financial details of this possible purchase that could be paid off in a very short time frame.  I truly believe God may be moving among us once again in all these details, and if He is, I want us to be ready to continue to walk with Him into the future here on Oak Hill Road where He planted us 55 years ago.

 I love you and I love being your pastor,

 Pastor Alan

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