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Pastor's Points July 2017

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Dear Church Family,

Are you a teachable person?  This question is very important to answer especially as we consider our Wisdom/Folly sermon series we are in currently.  We learned in Proverbs chapter nine that a fool is “unteachable”.  He will not listen.  This person is determined to live in human foolishness instead of God’s truth.  This is so sad.  A quote that I shared in this first sermon is so telling to how we often look at ourselves.  ‘Too often we change jobs, friends, or spouses instead of changing ourselves.”- Akbarali  Jetha.  We must be teachable if we are going to apply God’s wisdom to our lives.  Pastor James Macdonald shares with us a five-point quiz to find out how teachable we are.  He shares…

Proverbs 17:10 says, “A rebuke goes deeper into a man of understanding than a hundred blows into a fool.” In other words, you can get more ROI (Return on Investment) from a wise person in one gentle conversation than you can gain from a fool by whacking him with a board a hundred times. Which are you?

If you’re not sure how you rate on the teachability meter, take this five-point quiz:

  1. I know I’m teachable when people give me input. When people feel free to give you a word of improvement, it’s a good sign that you’re teachable. Nobody wants to risk cleaning up a meltdown if the person can’t receive a difficult word. Don’t try to tell him he’s not headed in the right direction because he’ll bite your head off.The fool is always deeply persuaded that what he is doing is right. A teachable person will receive input.
  2. I know I’m teachable when I see measurable growth and character development in myself. If you’re changing for the good, then you’re teachable. If you’re not the same person you were last year at this time, godly instruction has produced results in your life and there’s growth because of it.
  3. I know I’m teachable when I don’t have to answer a critic with a defense.More often than I ever want to be, I’m in the uneasy position of giving people input. As hard as that is, I love to sit down with a person who can hear a difficult word with an open heart and without defensiveness. It’s been my repeated observation that those who are receptive to criticism flourish!
  4. I know I’m teachable when I don’t have to criticize back. The classic symptom of an unteachable person is that they will listen to what you say, all the while framing their comeback, “Now let me tell yousomething . . .” Can you keep your defenses down and pride in check?
  5. I know I’m teachablewhen I’m learning new ways to growIf people have been telling you the same stuff for years, you’re not teachable. If you’ve grown out of those old issues and are now on to new lessons, you’re on the right track.

Are you teachable? Ask someone who knows you well for their honest evaluation. And take their response to heart. 

I love you and I love being your pastor!

 Pastor Alan

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Kid's Happening July 2017

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Hello Church Family,

Everybody say Ya, ya, ya, ya, yes, to the love of VBS! For those of you that were singing this while you read it… well, I would have to say that you are someone that has been heavily involved with our VBS this year or in years past.  And for that, I want to say THANK YOU! Thank you for investing in our children and for giving of your time and energy. I know you must be exhausted but Oh how rewarding it is to see those faces light up as they sing, play, and hear of the love of Jesus. We are so very blessed to have the opportunity to host Vacation Bible School at our church. So many churches have declining numbers in attendance and have ended their programs. This isn’t the case at Oakhill!  Thank you Jesus for parents that send their children and volunteers that invest in the young generation!

      I read an article that spoke to me about this young generation and what our part needs to be for them. It was wrote by Tony Souder called Prayer Changes Generations and reads;  Do you ever think about whether the kids in your church will still be following Jesus five years from now? How about 10?  Some research indicates young people are steadily migrating away from God and the church.  A study conducted by Sticky Faith shows that 40 to 50 percent of kids from healthy youth groups and families will drift away from God and the church after high school.

       These statistics seem overwhelming. But there's good news, too.  A recurring theme in research indicates that young people who do stay connected to church and flourish in their faith after high school have had multiple Christian adults intentionally investing in their lives.  That means it's up to us to be brave and ask ourselves. “What is my role in God’s plan for the next generation?” Psalm 145:4: “Let each  generation tell its children of your mighty acts; let them proclaim your power.”  Prayer is a way to initiate relationships across generational lines while also creating a bond that’s supernatural and lasting.  One of the greatest benefits churches experience when they establish an intentional prayer plan is that they become stronger and more relationally connected.

       This month I would like to ask our church to start praying for our children that are going to Kids Camp. I will have bracelets at the welcome desk with children and leaders names on them that are attending camp.  When you commit to take a bracelet, be intentional with prayer.  These people will need prayer for changed hearts, safety, healing, and so much more.  Lets start to be a church that is intentional with changing this generation through prayer and relationships!

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