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Women on Mission - September 2021

Missionary Prayer Requests

Prayer Focus - Deaf Peoples: Praise God for calling new workers to minister to the Deaf around the world. Pray specifically for three workers who recently completed field orientation. Pray for their visa process as well as their departure and transition to the field. Pray the Holy Spirit would prepare the hearts among the Deaf to receive the seed of the gospel.

Prayer Focus - East Asian Peoples: Pray Japanese brothers and sisters, new believers in partner churches in Fukuoka (foo-koo-OH-kah), would be encouraged and strengthened in the faith through their daily reading of God’s Word and prayertime with God. Pray specifically for Toko, Yuko, Yumko, Suya, Takaya, Aiko, and Juko as they share boldly with friends and family in their circles of influence.

Prayer Focus - Montana: Jonathan White is a collegiate missionary for Grizzly Christian Fellowship in Missoula, Montana. “After eight years of collegiate ministry in Southern California, my wife, Joy, and I are in the process of joining a ministry called Grizzly Christian Fellowship at the University of Montana in Missoula. It is exciting to take the gospel to a place known by locals as ‘the school where faith goes to die.’ We are overjoyed to join the efforts of Grizzly Christian Fellowship in seeing students come to Christ and learn to make disciples who make disciples for the glory of God in the Northwest! Our greatest need in order to make this happen is housing. Missoula is flooded with buyers and renters, but there are no housing vacancies. This is driving costs through the roof. Please pray God would provide us a home large enough to host college students. Pray God would transform the lives of hardened atheistic students. Pray Christian students would take the Great Commission seriously and become disciple-making evangelists.”

Prayer Focus - American Peoples: Mary, a missionary from South America, served on another continent alongside an International Mission Board team. Recently that country’s government closed her nongovernmental organization, forcing her to return home. Ask God to meet Mary’s physical and financial needs as she awaits a new deployment to reach the same people group.

Prayer Focus - Northern African and Middle Eastern Peoples: The majority of Libyan Arabs of Libya and Northern Africa have been blinded by Satan and are living in darkness. Like all unbelievers, they are perishing (2 Cor. 4). Cry out to God on behalf of Libyan Arabs. Ask Him to open their eyes and ears and to shine His marvelous light into their hearts so they might believe in the saving power of Jesus.

Prayer Focus - European Peoples: France has experienced many riots and terrorist acts over the last ten years. These disruptions have produced intolerance for any sort of faith being displayed, both publicly and privately. Recently, politicians have enacted laws to restrict the practice of religion, under the guise of avoiding terrorism. Pray for Baptist representatives as they wisely navigate these restrictions within the evangelical church.

Prayer Focus - American Peoples: Praise the Lord for Roberto and his parents, who are among the Central Aymara (eye-MAHR-uh) of Peru and recently surrendered their lives to Jesus after a long conversation with missionaries Abel and Daisy. Pray they would understand what it means to follow Jesus day by day. Also pray for healing for Roberto, who, despite his young age, is very ill with tuberculosis.

Our World Hunger receipts to date are $432. Women on Mission will meet Thursday, September 2nd at 1:00 pm in the Grace classroom. Remaining meetings are October 7th, November 4th, and December 2nd. Each will be at 1:00 pm in the Grace classroom.

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