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Spiritual Development June 2016

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Theology.  The word itself can cause so many responses.  Some respond to it with disregard because of its perceived irrelevance to our lives.  Some instantly picture stacks and stacks of books with dust coating their well-worn covers.  Others conjure up images of ivory tower theologians that couldn’t be more socially awkward with real people.  Unfortunately, this is the reputation that theology has been given in our times. 

The reality is everyone does theology.  From the staunchest of atheists to the most fervent of Christians, everyone does theology.  Merriam-Webster defines theology as “the study of God and God's relation to the world.”  Everyone believes something about God and his relation to the world.  If you were to put this idea into a progression it could look like this: Life – Theology – Text.  This understanding of theology begins with our life experience as the basis for what we believe about theology.  After formulating something from our experience, we then encounter the text of Scripture, which in this approach is filtered by what we believe is relevant to our lives.  Our human understanding is the foundation for this model of theology.

But what about Christian theology?  One prominent Christian theologian, John Frame, defines Christian theology as “the application of God’s revelation to all of life.”  If this definition were put into similar progression it would look like this:  Text – Theology – Life.  Scripture takes its rightful place in this model as the foundation for everything that we believe.  Unlike human experience which changes from person to person, the text of Scripture is constant and unchanging in its meaning and truth.  It is upon this foundation that our understanding of God and his relation to the world can be developed and composed from the content of Scripture.  Out of this theological construction we then examine our life experience against the standard of Scripture.  It is the Word of God that is the foundation for this model of theology.

Theology is the bridge that connects Scripture to everyday life.  It is not something to be feared or neglected.  Instead, embracing it and developing it in our own minds and hearts allows us to encounter the daily occurrences of life through the lens of Scripture.  Part of becoming a more faithful disciple of Jesus involves deepening our understanding of God and his relation to the world.  Our understanding of the storyline of Bible informs the way that we read various texts.  Our understandings of doctrines leads to a more faithful devotion to the God of Scripture and his intentions for our lives.  A developed grasp of theology leads to a life that is motivated to counsel others biblically, defend the truth lovingly, share the gospel persuasively, worship God faithfully, practice personal holiness diligently, and meet the needs of others sacrificially.  In short, when Scripture informs our theology it should produce faith in our hearts.  Our understanding should not define our faith; instead our faith should refine our understanding.

Suggested Resources for Further Reading:

Gospel-Centered Discipleship by Jonathan K. Dodson

40 Questions About Interpreting the Bible by Robert L. Plummer

What is Biblical Theology?: A Guide to the Bible’s Story Symbolism, and Patterns by James M. Hamilton Jr.

Christian Beliefs: Twenty Basics Every Christian Should Know by Wayne Grudem


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Kid's Happenings June 2016

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Hello Church Family,

It’s Vacation Bible School time!!  I’m extremely excited for this years VBS and I hope my church family is too.  This year’s theme is Submerged.  We will be transforming our church into an underwater world were kids are submerged in God's Word.  They will
discover that Jesus saw people differently.  He didn't see just what was on the outside; He saw people for who they were on the inside ... down deep.  As kids learn to see
themselves and others as Jesus sees them, they can realize that everyone needs a
Savior-even those who look like they have it all together.  They will discover that a
relationship with Jesus Christ changes everything!  

I believe God has amazing things in store for every child that is apart of our vacation bible school.  Even the adults and youth that will be giving of their time and energy to love on the children will experience something bigger than they could ever imagine.  Our
children will have the opportunity to raise money to go towards the upcoming medical mission trip to China.  Their donations will help to provide the care takers with the
supplies they need to help the children to live healthier lives. Some will need immediate medical attention and some will need preventive care. Whatever the need may be our children will know that they can make a difference in others lives. 

Please let your families, friends, neighbors and even complete strangers know that they are welcome to come join us!  All they have to do is dive in!

If you are wanting to serve in this great opportunity please contact me, I would love to talk to you about ways you can make a difference in our children’s lives.  Thank you for allowing me to love on your kids.  

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