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Indonesia: Tropical Paradise or Island of Lostness?

More than a millennium ago foreign traders came to Indonesia’s 13,000
islands, seeking precious spices of nutmeg, mace, and cloves.  Religious
beliefs also flowed into the islands from the trade ships: Hinduism from India, Buddhism from China, and the most influential religion of all, Islam.  Today
Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim nation.  This creates
challenges for introducing Indonesians to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Discover the challenges and joys of ministry in Indonesia through the 2015
International Mission Study.  Visit the places that draw more tourists than traders today, and learn about individuals who are leaving a legacy that
matters for eternity.

The  International Mission Study on Indonesia will be brought to us on Wednesday, December 9th immediately following our noon luncheon.  Join us to learn of our work in this challenging land and how we can support our missionaries.

Thank you Oakhill!  We collected 665 boxes of cake mix for the Rescue
Mission’s Gobbler Gathering.  They provided boxes of food for 2,300 families.

Women on Mission will meet on Monday, December 14th at 7:00 p.m. at the home of Jean Hitchcock (700 Royal Avenue), for a week of Prayer for
International Missions program.  We will meet at the church at 6:40 p.m. and carpool to Jean’s house.  All our ladies are invited to join us.

Our 2015 Lottie Moon Offering goal is $ 12,900.  Envelopes will be provided for our use and a Week of Prayer guide will be provided to take home and
follow daily for that week.


December Spare Change

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Detroit: One Year Later

We have now been in our Detroit partnership for one year.  We took our first trip in August of 2014.  Since then we have taken two other trips to help various church plants and ministries.  The first time I went I was shocked and overwhelmed.  This continued for me and the people that joined me on these trips.  The utter despair of the city, disorganization of the government, the violence, the drugs, and the gangs left me with little hope; however, I joined in praying for the city along with many other Southern Baptists across the country.  We have been lifting up the city, the church planters, and the violence. 

One year later the tide is beginning to turn.  There is still much to do, there are still many problems, but there is a different energy in the government, in the church planters, and even in the city.  The last trip we went on was in Dearborn, working with Redeemer Community Church (a new church plant that is officially launching Easter 2016).  Dearborn is a much different area than the rest of Detroit.  It is fairing rather well in spite of the city’s woes.  It is the headquarters of Ford Motor Company and home to the Henry Ford estate.  There is hope in the eyes of the people of Dearborn.  There is also a huge ethnic population there, people coming from all over the world, which gives the church planters there unique challenges.  Redeemer Community Church is a great church led by a spirit-filled pastor, Jeremy Roth.  Their church is poised to make a great impact in the city.

Another reason I feel positive about the city is the partnership that NAMB and the Great Detroit Baptist Association have had with the city.  NAMB has been given an abandoned school to use.  The disaster relief folks have transformed it into a place for groups to stay.  They have bunk rooms, showers, and a full kitchen facility.  This is very exciting because often the hardest part of a mission trip is working out these logistics.  GDBA has also forged a partnership with the local government.  They are starting a program that will bring mission teams in to help board up houses, identify unsafe houses, clean up trash, mow yards, and do general cleaning of the neighborhoods.  This program will have a profound effect on the morale of the residents.  This will help engender neighborhood pride and safety.  I was able to attend a meeting at the GDBA office along with several community officials, council persons, police representatives, etc.  They were all on board to provide whatever services and resources they could to help this program.  All the GDBA needs now is mission teams to help.

All of these things have given me a much more positive outlook.  We still need to pray and lift up the city and the church planters.  We also need to join in with helping hands.  I am hoping to take three trips to Detroit in 2016.  Please consider going!  They are not expensive and will make a huge impact.  We will be announcing our dates on Missions Sunday on December 6th.  Make sure to attend our special evening service at 5:30 p.m. with special guest speakers.  There will be a reception to follow.  Feel free to contact me with any questions about trips in 2016.


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