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Pastor's Point - October 2022

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Dear Church Family,

This month I just want to remind you of my deep abiding love for you as the people that God has blessed me with to minister to. I am so thankful to be your pastor for these last sixteen years. I do not consider myself a poet, but I felt led to write this and share it with you this month.

The pastor’s passion is for his people
Ministry is not about big buildings and steeples

The pastor’s heart is full and broken
Ministry is about words said and some not spoken

The pastor’s mind is confused and clear
Ministry is details for things both far and near

The pastor’s soul is both encouraged and tired
Ministry is challenges and being tested by fire

The pastor’s body is both frail and strong
Ministry is a calling for all life-long

The pastor’s vision is both cloudy and clear
Ministry is following Jesus who is ever so near

The pastor’s hands are both shaky and steady
Ministry is life lived always staying ready

The pastor’s love is for his people
The ones who gather under the steeple

The pastor’s love for them is unconditional and strong
The ones who worship and shout out their song

The pastor’s love continues through the years
Ever loving, ever longing, ever near

I love you and I love being your pastor

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