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Women on Mission - September 2019

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Mark Bennett - East Asian Peoples
- Birthday: June 22

After a journeyman term that started in Taiwan and ended in Japan, Mark Bennett and his wife, Sharon, attended seminary before returning to Japan in 1996. For 18 years, they ministered in many cities and roles and had truly found their calling and home. When an unplanned medical leave threatened to pull them away from the land and people they loved, the Bennetts “continued trusting in the Lord and His ability to bring about all things for good.” By the grace of God, they returned to Japan in 2015.

Since then, Mark has been working with the homeless in Tokyo. “We give them literal bread in one hand and the Bread of life in the other,” Mark said. “This is the most amazing miracle we have been allowed to witness and participate in.” The Bennetts now baptize an average of one man per month.

June is the rainy season in Japan, and Mark asked for prayer for the sidewalk chapel he hosts twice a week for the homeless community. “This time of year is always a challenge because we worship and study the Word outside in (a) park.”

In August, the Bennetts will be heading to the States for a year to serve as missionaries in residence at California Baptist University - and leave their youngest son to start his college career. When they return, they will not only be empty nesters but also be preparing for the 2020 Olympics.

Pray for Mark and his family as they begin this new season. Pray also for healing and transformation for “his guys” - the homeless and former homeless he has been ministering to.                                                      ****************************************************************
World Hunger receipts to date are $1,159.00

Women on Mission will meet Monday, September 9th at 6:00 pm at the home of Jean Hitchcock. All our ladies are invited to be with us.


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