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September Kids Happenings

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Hello Church Family,

           September is here and school has been in session for almost one month.  As a parent of 2 teenage girls, I remember when they were younger.  I would get a folder from their teacher and sit with them at the kitchen table helping them with their homework, making sure they stayed on track and understood what was being taught.  Now as they get older... I check their grades regularly and consistently ask them if they have their homework done.  Of course, my husband and I will help them with their work when asked and only assume by their grades that they understand what they are learning.  When I think of our involvement with their academic life I think about our involvement in their spiritual life.  Are our priorities in the right place?  Do we ask the right questions to know if they’re rooted firmly in His word?  I have to be honest with myself, in my heart and in my prayers, my children’s spiritual walk is first priority.  But through my actions, my girls would probably tell me that I’m more interested in their academics.  What kind of message am I sending?

I want my girls to know that the most important thing in their life should be their relationship with Christ.  Sure they need good grades to raise that GPA and get into the college of their dreams and have a good job that they love, but without a solid relationship with Christ all of that is lifeless.  Kids today have so much worldly, evil influences pounding down their door.  If us parents aren’t careful we will aid in those influences by showing them what is or isn’t  priority.  Talk to your child daily!  Never have to wonder where they are in their walk with Christ.  Proverbs 22:6 Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it.  The more guidance you can give them the better off they will be.  Thank you for the opportunity to love on your kids.