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Pastor's Point - October 2023

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Dear Church Family,

By now you will have received my letter to the church to share the exciting news of our recent student minister search. First let me say that I am very thankful for God’s leading during this process. The search took longer than I imagined, and it led us to a plan that I was not thinking of at the beginning of the process. But I know that we ended up where God wanted us to be.

One of the great things about this plan is that it allows us to continue to invest in our student ministries, which we have done for many years. But it also allows us to refocus on our Life Groups which we have not done well in the last three years or so. With the departure of Pastor Nick Scott to the mission field and the season of Covid, our groups have needs that need to be addressed.  I am thankful that we are going to be able to invest in our students as well as the wider ministry area of discipleship in our church family.

One other aspect that I am so thankful for is the availability of solid Christian men that have been raised up in our church to make this plan possible!

Pastor Bryan Gotcher has been around Oakhill for sixteen years and in that time has worn many different ministry hats. His ability to minister and administrate different areas of ministry has been a real blessing to us throughout the years. As God began working on my heart about ways we could fill the leadership needs in our church, I reached out to Bryan to share, pray, and collaborate. And it was out of this time together that God led us in the direction of the plan that we have shared with you all. Bryan is excited for this direction of ministry in his life personally and for the church corporately.

Alex Kilgore is a young man that grew up here at Oakhill and has been a part of ministry throughout the years as he has come back in the summertime to complete multiple years of internships in our church. He has graduated from Boyce College at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and is excited to collaborate with Pastor Bryan in the area of student ministry and make an impact on the lives of our awesome students. He is a solid young man who has a heart to be used by the Lord. I know that as he and Pastor Bryan work together it is going to be a great blessing for our student ministries.

Paul Willett and his lovely wife Amy were brought to our church by God almost two and a half years ago. As a couple they have been nothing but an absolute blessing to our church family as they have been busy giving their lives away into the lives of others. Paul served as an elder at an SBC church in Kentucky for a few years before they made the move to Evansville. He has a love for God’s Word, he desires to see people discipled and grow in their faith, and he has a heart for missions as well. I believe that he is going to do an outstanding job of ministering to people to encourage them to grow in their faith and live their lives on mission for the glory of God!!

If you have questions, please come to one of the two question and answer sessions on Wednesday, October 4th at 12:00 pm or Thursday, October 5th at 6:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall at South Campus.  Then on Saturday, October 14th at 10:00 am in the Fellowship Hall of the South Campus come for a meet and greet with Paul and Alex so you can hear more about their excitement for the future ministries of our church.

Then on Sunday, October 15th the elders and personnel teams would ask for you to be present as we ask for a vote of affirmation for this ministry plan that has been presented for consideration.

I am praying for God to use this plan for the good of Oakhill Baptist Church and for his glory!!

I love you and I love being your pastor!

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Pastor's Point - September 2023

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Dear Church Family,

On September 10th and October 1st we are going to celebrate our 60th anniversary as a church family! On September 10th we will gather at North Campus to fellowship together and celebrate God’s provision for our immediate and long-term future. And then on October 1st in all three services we will gather for worship and celebrate our great God who has shown Himself to be “Always Faithful” to our church. Then, on the evening of October 1st we will come back together for a church-wide dinner as we remember and celebrate what God has done in our midst over the last 60 years. You will hear more details as these events get closer, but for the rest of my article I want us to think about the theme of our Celebrating Sixty years of ministry.

The theme is “Always Faithful.” Yes, in some regards that is an allusion to the faithful members and ministry staff that it took to keep ministry going for 60 years. But to a larger degree we need to understand that theme is pointing us to our great God because He is truly the only one that is “always” faithful.

Many things have changed throughout the years. Ministry plans, church policy, church staff, lead pastors, membership makeup. On and on we could go, but the one constant has been our faithful God.

You see even with the best of intentions, pastors, church staff, and members are not always faithful. We as humans fall short. We make mistakes. We sin. We are not always faithful. But the Lord is. This is why I want us to know that the celebration and the glory cannot go to the church’s pastors, past, present, or future. Key members throughout the years cannot be the ones to get the glory for 60 years of ministry either. We cannot celebrate the ministry endeavors of the church as well. We must keep the focus on our faithful God.

You see, people come and go; ministers are here for a season, but the Lord remains. And He is always faithful. Rev. Glen Flowers was here serving with his wife Naomi for twenty-one years before me. I have been here serving with my wife Paula for the past seventeen and a half years. And at some point, someone else will come to be the next lead pastor after me. This is just how it is. Yes, we are all called to be faithful, but we can never be the focus. The focus must always stay on our ever-faithful Lord!

And as Oakhill prepares to launch off into sixty more years of ministry, let us always remember to keep our eyes on Him and to trust Him every step of the way. My prayer for Oakhill is that she will always do the things God has commanded the local church to do, as found in the New Testament. And I believe as those things are done, God will
move and grow His church. And the church’s response to His movement will be to follow His lead. As I always say, “As God Moves, We Move.” Oakhill, keep moving with God and let’s make sure to always give Him the glory!!

I love you and I love being your pastor!

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