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Annie Armstrong Easter Offering

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Week of Prayer March 1st - 8th

How Can I Get Involved:

1) Pick up a prayer guide starting March 1st

2) Pray for our North American church planters and missionaries

3) Attend the Missions Study on March 4th at 12:00 p.m. in the
Fellowship Hall

4) Give to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering.  100% of your gift supports North American missionaries as part of the Send North America Strategy, pushing back lostness and planting churches in North America.  Offering envelops have been provided or you can give using the Pushpay app.  2015 OHBC Goal: $8,124


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March Women on Mission

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In the World today—

We hear a lot about “being relevant” today.  New styles, new experiences, and new technology—that’s what the world needs.  Yet here we are discussing something that started more than 100 years ago.  Still  we hear, “Pray for North American missions” and “Give to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering.”  Can we never “check this off” and say, “Done!”? 

We look at our part of the world, North America, to find the answer.  It starts in  our state, our city, our neighborhood.  We can study census reports and news articles about population, religions, denominations.  We can also open our eyes.  Where do we look?  What do we see?

In our neighborhoods, we see the elderly, the lonely, the disabled, the affluent, the jobless, and the overwhelmed.  Where we shop, we see the stranger, the handicapped, the sorrowful, and the socialite.  We see people from all around the world who are now our neighbors.

Too often, in too many faces, we see hopelessness.

Our hearts help us know the answer: “No!”  While there is one person who doesn’t know about His love, who hasn’t seen that love in
action, who hasn’t heard and understood His message, we are not “done.”

Nothing is more relevant in our world today than praying for and giving to the work of sharing His love, beginning where we are.  The dates for the 2015 week of prayer are March 1-8.

The North American Mission study is Wednesday , March 4, following the noon lunch in the Fellowship Hall.  Envelopes for the Annie
Armstrong Easter Offering and prayer guides will be provided Sunday, March 1.  Ask God to guide you in your giving.

Women on Mission will meet at 7 p.m. Monday, March 9 at the church.  All our ladies are invited to join us for a time of study, prayer, and fellowship.