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April Pastor's Points

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Well Spring has finally arrived!  I am so thankful for this season of new life.  Trees and flowers are budding, the grass is getting green, and the temperature is rising.  We see a revival of sorts as we look around and see signs of life from trees, plants, and grass that just a few weeks ago seemed lifeless.

My prayer this spring for us is that we too would experience a time of spiritual
revival as well.  Maybe for some it will be a time of new beginnings, rededication, or renewal.  I know personally I am asking God to do a deeper work in my life. 

Recently I came across an ancient prayer that was penned by Hilary of Poitiers who lived from AD 310-367.  He writes…

The chief service I owe you, O God,
is that every thought and word of mine should speak of You.
The power of speech which You have bestowed on me
can give me no greater pleasure
than to serve You by preaching Your gospel.

But in saying this,
I am merely expressing what I want to do.
If I am actually to use this gift,
I must ask You for Your help –
 ask You to fill the sails I have hoisted for You
 with the wind of Your Holy Spirit,
 inspiring my mind and my voice.
 I know that I am often heavy with stupor,
 so that I am too lazy to speak of You.
 And I do not spend sufficient time studying Your Scriptures,
 to ensure that my words conform to Your Word.
 Give me the energy and the courage to share the spirit of the apostles,
 that like them I may truly be an ambassador of Your grace.

We live in a world that desperately needs to hear of the life-changing message of the Gospel.  And, they will only hear if we will make it our aim to fulfill our role as ambassadors of Christ.  Lord give me the desire and energy to be an ambassador of your grace!!


I love you and I love being your pastor,

 Pastor Alan

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April Spare Change

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3 Takeaways from Life on Mission

Over the past week or so I have found myself reflecting on the Life on Mission class that just ended.  What I loved most about the study is it really captures what is important about sharing our faith.  It is first and foremost not an evangelism strategy like we would think.  What is unique about this book is it is concerned with the soul of the believer first.  They spend a lot of time helping believers understand they have a biblical calling and responsibly to share.  Believers must think of themselves as missionaries and understand what it means to grow in the Lord, be a part of the church, and to make disciples.

I have been trained in many different evangelism strategies and none of them have taken the time to really look into my spiritual life.  Our desire to witness and make disciples should not be a product of guilt or even sense of duty, rather it should flow out of our love for Christ and love for others.  If I am far from the Lord and not living for him then I probably won’t be that concerned for the spiritual welfare of those around me; but if I am living life as a sacrificial offering to the Lord (Romans 12:1-2) then watch out!  I will begin to see the opportunities to reach out and serve those right around me.  God will challenge me and give me a heart for people that are hurting in my community.  God will also use me to do so much more than I even imagined.

If you missed the class, it is okay, just get the book and read it on your own.  It also works great for a small group study.  Without further delay here are my takeaways from the Life on Mission Class:

1. A Challenge to Live as a Missionary – We have got to wake up.  Missions is not just what happens half-way around the world.  There are so many people right here that need Jesus.  We need to start seeing ourselves as missionaries.  That means we are intentional in sharing our faith, in serving our community, and in making
disciples.  We must view ourselves not as  normal, everyday, ordinary Christians, but as missionaries placed in our communities, our jobs, and our churches.  If we really believe that God is in control and that He wants to use us to reach people then let’s have the faith to be used as missionaries right where we are.

2. Refocusing of my Spiritual Priorities – One of the greatest misconceptions in the church today is that we are just called to share our faith, but it doesn’t stop there.  We are commanded to make disciples.  We need to refocus on making disciples not just simply living and sharing our faith.  Who are you spiritually investing in?  We need to constantly be pouring our lives into someone else, helping them to draw closer to Jesus, and in doing so we will come closer to Him.  We also need to understand that discipleship is not a complicated process.  It’s about walking through life together and growing in the Lord.  This is as simple as talking about God’s Word over coffee or talking about being a better father while working on a car.  It’s not so much about changing your schedule as it is adding someone into your current schedule and modeling Christ for them.  We are called to make disciples and need to take that mandate seriously.

3. A New Way to Share – The Life on Mission book and study was started with a simple diagram of the gospel that was meant to be shared on a napkin.  This diagram which has come to be called The 3 Circles Life Conversation Guide is an amazing tool to share the gospel.  It focuses on how God’s design has been ruined by sin.  It also shows us that sin has led to brokenness in our lives and that we often try to find ways to deal with that brokenness, but it gets us nowhere.  It’s not until we believe in the gospel that we find healing.  Then we can start to repair and restore our lives to honor God’s original design.  There is also a free app that you can use to share and get
training on how to share.


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