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Women on Mission January 2018

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Undergirding All Things Southern Baptist

As Southern Baptists, we work together to help people around the world hear and accept the good news that salvation through Jesus Christ is available to them.  We work together in a variety of ways: mission trips, associational ministries, etc.  One of the most effective ways we work together is through the Cooperative Program.

According to the Southern Baptist Convention’s website, Southern Baptists are a fellowship of almost 16 million members in about 45,000 churches in all 50 states and Canada.  These churches work together through about 1,100   associations, 42 state conventions, and the SBC to accomplish through voluntary cooperation are more than they could ever do alone.

During the year, we collect specific offerings, such as the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American    Missions, the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions, and the Global Hunger Relief Offering (formerly the Southern Baptist World Hunger Fund).  These offerings are designated for specific needs.  Undergirding all these is the Cooperative Program.

For example, all the money given to the Global Hunger Relief Offering is used specifically for hunger-related ministry.  None of the offering is used for administrative costs.  Because those costs are covered through the exclusively to feed the hungry.

Women on Mission will not meet in January or February.


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Women on Mission September 2017

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Abby Roberts*  Kiev, Ukraine

Please remember this missionary and her family in prayer.
(Her name has been changed for security reasons.)

When you’re living overseas, picking a school for your children can be quite a     challenge.  That’s why Abby Roberts* is there to help.

“My primary responsibility is serving as an education consultant for many of our  families living in different countries,” she said.  “I help them make decisions about that kind of schooling to choose for their children, what curriculum to buy if they are   homeschooling, and how to get help if their children are struggling with a learning disability.”

It’s a big job, and it takes up a lot of her time.  But she and her husband, Tom*, also hep out with a church plant called God’s  Design Church in Kiev, Ukraine, the city in which they live.  “The church as definitely been a work of God,” Abby said.  “The hardship, sadness, and chaos of war have been turned into blessing, growth, and joy.”

Many people attend services for the packages of food they distribute, but they hear the gospel and hearts are changed, she said.  The church as grown from one to three services.  “It’s been very exciting to watch God work,” Abby said.

She asked for prayer for the church to find a larger place to meet.  She also asked for prayer for her role as educational consultant.

“Pray for me to have wisdom as I help our families with their educational needs and to be able to find the resources to help them when they have questions.”  Abby said.


Women on Mission will have their annual potluck at the church on Monday, September 11th @ 6 pm. Jean Hitchcock will show us how to use short-cut ways to prepare food using ready-made dough.  (If it saves time and effort, it works for me.)  All our ladies are invited to join us.  Please bring a covered dish or dessert.


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