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Pastor's Point - December 2021

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Dear Church Family,

Well,  here we are once again entering into the Christmas season fresh off a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

It was so good to gather for our Thanksgiving meal and be together as church family.  The fellowship was sweet, the testimonies of God’s healing power in the lives of families in our church was encouraging, and the provision of God through His people was amazing!! So far, we have pledges or money given that totals over $700,000.00.  We are well on our way of reaching our first goal of $750,000.00!  God is so good to us!! All of this should be a great reminder to us to thank our God for His work in our lives.  

And now we have the joy of entering December and proclaiming the real meaning of this season, and we also have the pleasure of participating in our Christmas season events as well. 

On December 12th we will have our Christmas Night of Worship at 6:00 pm. The theme this year is “Come and See What God has Done.”  You will want to be present for this special night and I would strongly urge you to invite others to come as well, especially those who may not have a church home. This is always a wonderful night that really helps us focus  on the true meaning of Christmas every year. 

On December 19th we are going to have another church family Christmas Caroling night beginning at 5:00 pm.  We had so much fun caroling last year to those who are not able to come to worship each week with us.  We will go in groups to carol and then, this year we are all meeting back at the church for hot chocolate and cookies in the fellowship hall.  I promise you will be glad you came! Sign up at the Welcome Desk and join in on the fun and ministry that takes place on this evening. 

And finally, on December 24th we will have our Candles, Carols, and Communion service at 7:00 pm.  Each year we gather for this special time which includes singing carols, lighting candles, and family units or friend groups coming to the Lord’s table to participate in a special time of communion together.  This may be my favorite service of the year!  I love gathering around the Lord’s table in this way.  

I look forward to having a wonderful time this Christmas season making much of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!!! 

I love you and I love being your pastor!

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Pastor's Point - November 2021

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Dear Church Family,

I pray you all are doing well and are excited for all that God has in store for us in the month of November.  We were blessed to begin our One Family, One Mission emphasis in October, and now we get to see it culminate at our Thanksgiving dinner this year on November 21st.

But let me first say how thankful I am for all of you who made our Fall Harvest event happen. On October 30th at North Campus, we had such an amazing turn out even on a cloudy, rainy day.  There were so many people who came as visitors!  I spoke with numerous families that were there and had conversations with some of them who had no church home.  A few of those visiting could not believe that the event was free. So, thank you to everyone who made this all possible through your faithful giving to the church monetarily as well as your willingness to be there to serve others. This event held at North Campus is just another reminder of how blessed by God we are to have that property for us to use in ministry to both our church family and our surrounding community.

As I said at the beginning of my article, in November we will see the culmination of our capital campaign to raise the money necessary to improve upon our North and South Campuses, as well as pay off the debt we have on the North Campus property.

Our three tier goals for our campaign are as follows…

Phase 1 Goals

Goal #1 - $750,000
- Debt on North Campus (NC) land (50%)
- Replace gym roof at NC
- New student center at South Campus (SC)
- Renovated kids' ministry space at SC

Goal #2 - $1,600,000
- All of Goal #1
- Renovated NC gym
- Renovated education wing at NC
- Remaining debt on NC land

Goal #3 - $2,900,000
- All of Goal #2
- Renovated NC foyer including elevator
- Renovated NC worship & event space
- Renovated NC parking

The scope of the work that we can accomplish will be directly linked to the amount of money/pledges that we raise.  What we are asking our church family to do is to simply pray and ask God what you could sacrificially give either as an upfront one-time gift, or what you could pledge over the course of three years.  As you receive your pledge card pray over it, fill it out and please turn it back in to church by November 14th.  We will be announcing the total of the pledges at our Thanksgiving dinner on November 21st. I am excited for that night, not just because of this announcement, but for the fact that we are able to have our church wide thanksgiving dinner this year.  We were not able to have our dinner last year.  This is always such a great night for our church family to come together and thank God for all he has done.

Let’s all pray and ask God to help us to give sacrificially to meet this goal that is bigger than any one of us.  Ask God to help you give in such a way that it stretches you and requires you to demonstrate faith in Him as you give.  Pray to give not what you will not miss but pray to give in such a way that it requires you to sacrifice something and display faith in your great God!!

I love you and I love being your pastor!

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