Sermons by: Proverbs Wisdom And Folly

Aug 06, 2017

The Wisdom of Work

God calls us to approach the work He has given us with a desire to...

Jul 30, 2017

Wise Words

Proverbs says that our words hold the power to give life and death. As...

Jul 16, 2017

Parents and Kids

Parents must train their children in the wisdom of God so that they are...

Jul 09, 2017

Sexual Fidelity

Marriage provides God's way to satisfy our natural sexual desires.

Jul 02, 2017


True, Christ-centered friendship consists of quality, faithfulness...

Jun 25, 2017

Pride and Humility

When we humble ourselves before God, He will use us for His glory.

Jun 18, 2017

Wisdom and Folly

The preparation, the invitation, and the result of living in wisdom, or...