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Women on Mission - April 2019

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                                                                      In Need of Hope
                                                        Kevin Ezell, NAMB President
Every step our missionaries take across North America, they are faced with increasing secularism.  Many cities have become so irreligious they could reasonably be deemed pre-Christian.  Even in the region once deemed the “Bible Belt,” Christianity is being pushed to the margins.

North America is also rapidly becoming more diverse culturally and ethnically.  Every day, the nations come here.  Many are from people groups whose home countries are extremely difficult to reach.  We cannot let these gospel opportunities pass us by, and missionaries desperately need the prayers of God’s people to succeed.

Pray for missionaries to make connections with people who can help build relationships in new neighborhoods.  For encouragement in the middle of social pressure and loneliness.  For God to provide more Christian leaders who will help share the missionaries’ loads.

Have you made a contribution to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering?  Our generosity and prayer is one way we can  support more than 5,000 missionaries.  Every dollar goes directly to the mission field.  Our goal is $9,000.

Pray for the pastors in Ecuador who have participated in training seminars led by Nick Scott and Bobby Pell, that these  sessions would have a lasting and strong effect on the Ecuadorian churches.

Continue to pray for Alexa Minor who is working in Australia with students at the University of Queensland.  Pray for Lynna Rollow who is in a mission program called World Race in which young adults (21-35) serve in 11 countries in 11 months.  Beginning April 4th she will be moving from Peru to India.  Continue to pray for Leonid Marsan, his wife Kenia and their 3 daughters as they begin ministry locally with Hispanics.

Women on Mission will meet at the church Monday, April 15th at 6:00 pm.  (Note that this is a change in date) 
All our ladies are invited to join us for prayer, study and fellowship.


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