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Well, we made it through the holidays! Was your Christmas as crazy as mine? If you had a baby then probably. We are excited to have Henry Robertson Gotcher in our lives. He was born on December 29th weighing 8 lbs. 6 oz. We are now a family of six! We feel really blessed that everything went well and everyone is healthy. 

Baby Henry

Even in the midst of that joyful news we had to learn quickly that life with three other kids doesn’t stop nor do the ministries of our church. We have had a busy couple of months at Oakhill. There has been a lot going on in the ministries. Here are some of the great things that have been happening. 

OHBC Food Pantry 

The food pantry has been having almost 100 families a month for the past couple of months. We gave out lots of food and lots of gifts in December. In January we added our third Saturday. We are now open the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Saturday’s of each month. We also had two people place their faith in Jesus in January. It has been very busy, but very exciting. Lots of new people from Oakhill have begun to volunteer. We have almost all our spots filled, however, we still need a little help on each Saturday. Let me know if you can help with this great ministry. 

Mission Trips 

We announced our missions emphasis for 2015 on December 7th. Make sure to pick up a missions guide from the information wall this Sunday. On the Missions Day people from our church gave money to help people in India. We gave to dig a fresh water well, a generator for the church, and for a pastor’s training conference. Many families are giving each month to feed children in the churches orphanage. Our kids are collecting money to buy the orphans new school uniforms (they gave over $95 the first week!). I am overwhelmed by our churches generosity!!! I am also excited about the trips to Detroit, Louisville, China, and India. Currently, there is information in the foyer about some of the earlier trips. There is an information meeting about our first Detroit trip on February 15th at 5:00 p.m. Feel free to call or email me for any information about the upcoming trips. 

Life on Mission 

Finally, I am very excited about the Life on Mission class we are offering on Sunday nights at 6pm. We just had our first class on Jan. 25th and will resume on Feb. 15th. This class complements our “A Place For _______” series and our missions emphasis that we had towards the end of last year. What better way to tie it all together then to discuss and learn how to be a missionary every day. I love this class because it is not an evangelism program. Yes, you will get some tools and resources on how to share your faith, but it is more about living every day on mission for Jesus. It’s not too late! Join us on February 15th and learn how to share life with others. 

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CHAOS - March 13 - 15

Our winter retreat is quickly approaching!! We will be heading back to Highland Lakes this year for a time of fun and intense focus on the Lord. This year we are calling the retreat CHAOS as we look at the discipline of celebrating. We are definitely planning one of the most exciting events we’ve ever planned!! We’ll be looking at how we are to celebrate and enjoy God (specifically His Character and Who He is) and what He has done. We’ll also be looking at how we ought to enjoy and celebrate what God is doing in others through community. And our last large group session will cover what celebration looks like in the midst of suffering.


If you are the parent of a student in the ministry and you would be interested in coming along as a chaperone, please contact me. We are expecting to take the largest group we’ve taken to any event before, so we’ll need some additional help! Please email me or call me if you are interested in helping!! 


I do know of several students that are wanting to participate but are concerned about cost. If you have the means to help sponsor a student to this retreat, please let me know. We want the maximum number of students to hear the Gospel and learn to enjoy God to the fullest!!!



We are making a couple small changes to the way our Sunday night program runs.


The first change is that all high school students will begin to meet at church at 5:30 starting February 15. Both genders will meet together for worship and a lesson and will then meet in gender separated small groups for deeper discussion of the lesson. This means that high school students will no longer meet in host homes; however, junior high girls and boys will continue to meet in their host homes. 


The second change is, starting February 15, we will start offering open gym from 7:30 - 8:30 for both junior high and high school students who went to small groups. This activity is specifically for students who are participating in small groups.


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